About Us

Zachery Thayer

We are an Episcopal Church, and that ties us into a rich history. We have a beautiful and reverent liturgy, and an apostolic succession in our leadership that extends from the apostles to today, and both a duty and mission to spread the good news of Christ. I am excited for the future of Trinity Church. There are a number of opportunities for us as a parish to do God’s work in new and unexpected ways.

I think it is important to remember that life is magical, wild, beautiful, but also tragic. It reminds me of a G.K. Chesterton quote ” There is a tragedy that is founded on the worthlessness of life; and there is a deeper tragedy that is founded on the worth of it. The one sort of sadness says that life is so short that it can hardly matter; the other that life is so short that it matters forever.” I can’t say with certainty what the meaning or purpose to life is (I don’t think I am alone in that regard), but I have come to faith through reason. The beauty and the tragedy, the pleasure and the pain, the good and the evil, the inevitable and after too short a time in the world make me more confident not less in my conclusions. Trinity Church helps me with my life.

-from Zachery Thayer; Trinity Church